How do I view a show?
To watch a show, click the Play button on the video of the show you want to watch. You will be asked to register or sign in, if already registered and then to provide payment details. Your payments are managed securely and “Gigantic Ltd” will appear on your statement.

How long can I view the show for once I have paid for it?
After renting the show, you can stream it for 48 hours after pressing play for the first time. You can watch it an unlimited amount times within that 48 hours.

Will Stage2View work on my device?
Yes, you can stream videos on the Stage2View website from your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Do the streams have subtitles?
We currently have closed captioned versions of all of our performances available, excluding The Toxic Avenger,Ruthless and The Wind in the Willows(to be updated).

Can I watch a show on Stage2View if I am outside the UK?

Yes Stage2View is available worldwide payment must be made in Euros, $ or £

What currency can I pay for the show in?
You can pay for the rental in £ sterling, US $ or Euros.

Which payment methods can I use?
Our payments are handled securely through Stripe. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Is Stage2View Chromecast compatible?

Stage2View is compatible with Chromecast devices. If you are unsure about how to cast from your device, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure screen rotation or auto rotate is enabled on your device
  2. Open your ‘Google Home’ app, where your chosen device should appear at the foot of the homepage
  3. Select your device and connect to the TV
  4. Tap ‘Cast Screen’ or similar, and rotate your phone to make the image on screen mirror this
CLICK HERE for more information. Please note this is only works for Android devices.

Will Stage2View work on my device?
You will need a minimum of 4Mbps (10Mbps recommended) internet connection (download speed) to ensure the stream runs smoothly without playback issues.
CLICK HERE to test your internet speed (via speedtest.net)

What should I do if I have paid for the show but cannot view the show?

Please contact us via customerservices@stage2view.com

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